KARACHI-Speakers at the meeting of Shura Hamdard Karachi chapter urged the government of Pakistan to move a resolution in Security Council demanding withdrawal of Indian troops from occupied Kashmir on atrocious and severe violation of human rights by the Indian forces.

The meeting was held on the theme: “Occupied Kashmir, tragic atrocities and responsibilities of international community”, presided over by Justice (Rtd) Haziqul Khairi at a local hall here in Karachi.

Speaking on the occasion, the former ambassador of Pakistan, Mahdi Masud said that population both countries were living below the poverty line, but both countries, instead of spending money on alleviation of poverty, a basic human problem, were compelled to spend a lot of money on acquiring weapons and on maintaining their armed forces due to long term dispute on Kashmir.

‘Shimla agreement does not rule out the role of UN Security Council in resolution of Kashmir dispute. In fact, it emphasizes on bilateral talks between Pakistan and India for permanent solution of  Kashmir issue,’ he said, adding: ‘We must bring stability in our internal affairs, promote national unity, interfaith and ethnic harmony and present a positive, soft image of the country to the international community’. But for that extremism, sectarianism and terrorism must be eradicated from the country, he asserted.

He said on 11th March 1948, Quaid-i-Azam, while replying to a question of Swiss reporter on Pakistan and India relations, said: “Indian government has to shed superiority complex and deal with Pakistan on equal footing and fully appreciate the realities”.

Educationist, Suhail Lari said that Indian prime-minister Jawaharlal Nehru himself took Kashmir issue to UN, now his country didn’t want to implement UN resolution. Therefore full responsibility rests upon India. The Sino-Indian war of 1962 was the golden opportunity for Pakistan to take Kashmir as it was completely emptied by Indian army which was busy in fighting with Chinease troops at Sino-Indian borders; unfortunately this opportunity was not capitalized, he added.

President of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, Sadia Rashid said that ‘Only talks will produce a peaceful settlement, of Kashmir dispute. Since this is the only logical end then why not talks today?’

Prof Tanveer Khalid suggested that there were severe human rights violations taking place as of today in occupied Kashmir. Therefore it was our moral responsibility to raise this issue in Security Council, and the UN, being an upholder of human rights must listen it as human rights were included in the charter of UN, on which all countries have signed.

Prof Kafeel Ahmed said that first war of independence was fought in 1857, second started in 1947 which was still continued. India was the instigator of the fire of second war and Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai had rightly said that this fire would burn the fingers of India, he added.

Khalid Ikramullah Khan said: ‘Expatriates are present in almost all countries, but they were not indulging into strategy to form a global sympathy view for Kashmiris as a general sympathy towards Kashmiris is found in the people of world’.

Col (Rtd) Mukhtar Ahmed Butt, Shamim Kazmi, Dr Abubakr Sheikh, Sheikh Usman Damohi and Anwar Aziz Jakartawalla also spoke.