The new Shawwal moon should be sighted on Sunday, according to astronomical parameters. Therefore, Shawwal One, 1430 AH should fall on Monday. The moon will cross the conjunction line on Saturday at 0044 Pakistan Summer Time (PST). The sunset on Sunday will be at 1932 PST, and the evening civil twilight (ECTL) will be at 1954 PST. The moon will set at 2021 PST. Thus the age of the new moon will be 43 hours and 10 minutes at ECTL. It will set 49 minutes after sunset and 27 minutes after ECTL. At ECTL the moon will be at an altitude of five degrees and 37 minutes and at an azimuth of 252 degrees and 48 minutes. At sunset the moon will be at an altitude of 10 degrees and 14 minutes. It will be at an azimuth of 250 degrees and 25 minutes. According to astronomical parameters, there is a very good chance of sighting the new moon for Shawwal 1430 AH on Sunday. The weather is expected to be partly cloudy to cloudy.