ISLAMABAD (APP) - Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) has displayed a National Exhibition of Calligraphy 2009 with a collection of over 120 works by master artisans in the field. The display of Islamic traditional art of calligraphy was arranged to coincide the Holy month of Ramazan with the portrayal of true spirit of Islam, Divine peace, love, kindness and harmony for all human beings. During the inaugural ceremony, Minister of State for Industry and Productions, Ayatullah Durrani said, Art is an expression of creativity and these works are a source of great inspiration for those who want to practice their skills on spiritual designs. While Director General PNCA, Tauqeer Nasir said that PNCA will continue organising the calligraphic exhibition during Ramazan, adding, Calligraphy is a great Muslim heritage and the whole artist community feel proud on this aspect of the calligraphic art. He said that PNCA was endeavoring for providing opportunities for the young artists and to boost their hidden abilities while it was also arranging workshops and classes to promote positive ideas among the youth on regular basis. Works of renowned artists like Sadequain, Ahmed khan, Azeem Iqbal, Shamza, Gulgee and Hanif Ramay were exhibited while the artists included Abdul Aziz Usman Alghazi, Abdul Rasheed, Afia Kanwal, Aftab Zafar, Azhar Farid, Haya Sehgal, Luba Khatoon, Mashkoor Raza, Rafia Ahmed, Shahid Iqbal, Shahzad Zar and others. These artists have used the mediums like traditional calligraphy, experimental and innovative calligraphic techniques to project Islamic traditional arts and Muslim heritage. A large number of women artists have also contributed their works for the exhibition. About the exhibition, Master calligrapher, Azeem Iqbal said that calligraphy art portrays divine rhythmic beauty and exaltation in the spiritual domain. It is a field of love and devotion. I have introduced a unique and new dimensional style in the Islamic Calligraphy covering the golden era of Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) to the present century, he told APP. Azeem Iqbal has presented his latest masterpieces with the title 'Ahad-e-Nabwi which blends natural elements to accentuate the Divinity association with calligraphic art. He prepared all the art pieces using natural elements like leather, deer skin, wood, stone, copper, bronze, lead, beads and hand-made paper. , gold leafs, Wasli and also historical thematic mural calligraphic Panel he prepared using different materials that were traditionally used during Islamic period. He uses third dimension of carving and molding of different traditions make his work even more fascinating while his writing styles include Kufi Thuluth, Nastalique, Jalli and other forms that have acquired through painting practices.