LAHORE-Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said Pakistan wants to have unconditional talks with India on all outstanding issues to promote confidence between the two neighbouring countries. 'Pakistan wants to sort out all the outstanding issues with India through dialogue, but will not accept any pre-conditions for restarting the composite dialogue process. We want to hold talks with India in a friendly atmosphere, while conditions imply distrust, which is unacceptable. While addressing a Press conference here on Thursday prior to his departure for London, he also hinted at futility of talks because of the pre-conditions for dialogue from the Indians. 'It will serve no purpose, except creating an environment of distrust, he added. In reply to a question about the water dispute with the neighbouring country, Qureshi said that the dispute on rivers in the Indian Kashmir was 'a complex and serious issue. 'Pakistan is in contact with India on this, and other issues as well, he mentioned, while ,adding, that he would take up the water issue with his counterpart in talks next week on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session in New York. He also mentioned that after visit to London, he and President Asif Ali Zardari would go to New York and would attend UN General Assembly session and meeting of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP). 'On the sidelines of UN General Assembly, we will have bilateral meetings with leaders of different countries and I expect to have meeting with my Indian counterpart, while Pakistans Foreign Secretary will also meet his Indian counterpart, he added. 'I will definitely talk about the water issue as it is extremely important for us and we want to resolve it through bilateral talks. However, if it is not sorted out through talks we can use other options under the Indus Water Treaty, but we prefer that it is settled through talks between the two countries, he observed. He asked the mediamen to be careful while reporting sensitive issues, like water. 'It is wrong to say that India has stopped Pakistans water. The fact is that India had used Chenab Water for filling its dams and we want its compensation, while there are also some other matters, which we want to discuss, he added. To a question about Kashmir, Qureshi said, 'Nobody can deny that it is an outstanding issue and a procedure was evolved for settling it through composite dialogue process. If India refuses to go for talks, it will have consequences and I want to inform them of the same. About Indias involvement in Balochistan, Qureshi observed that Pakistan did not want to do diplomacy through media. 'We are fully aware of all matters and have been taking steps keeping in view the national interests, he added. However in another question when his attention was drawn towards statements of some Indian leaders, he opined, 'We are aware of their internal political compulsions but if they think that they can pressurise Pakistan through such tactics, they are totally mistaken. Qureshi also observed that nobody could deny the importance and usefulness of the back-channel diplomacy. 'It was started during the last regime, but due to judicial crisis in Pakistan, the process had come to halt. The govt is considering its pros and cons, and if found in national interest, the process will be restarted by appointing an interlocutor, he added. While responding to a question about the US aid to Pakistan, he expressed confidence that fate of the Kerry-Lugar Bill would be decided soon in the US Congress. 'The US aid will be used in a transparent manner, he was quick to add. About the Sino-Pak ties, Qureshi said relations with China would be further strengthened in the times to come, as Pakistan enjoyed very close relations with the neighbouring country. Qureshi said Pakistan was able to get diplomatic and economic support from the FoDP and its image in the world community had improved. 'The FoDP has hailed plans for reconstruction of Malakand after successful military drive against the militants, he added. Talking about former Indian External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singhs book on Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, he said there was no ban on sale of the book in the country.