LAHORE- Punjab Minister for Finance and Planning and Development Tanvir Ashraf Kaira has said that the next meeting of National Finance Commission (NFC) would be held at Islamabad on Friday (today) in which legal experts would give their opinion regarding General Sales Tax (GST) that this tax either fall in the purview of provinces or federation. According to an official handout, the Minister hoped that NFC meeting would be very positive and number of issues would be settled in the meeting. He said that if any judicious formula comes, the Punjab would be ready to accept it. He said that all provinces are going towards right direction as far as the NFC issue is concerned. The Minister said that other provinces are getting more shares in NFC on the basis of per capita income as compared to the Punjab. He said that Punjab presented its stance very positively in NFC and he hoped that all four provinces would soon be agreed on NFC award, which would be great achievement of present government. He also said that NFC award would also enhance the provincial harmony. He said the population share of Punjab in NFC is 57pc while Punjab is getting only 47pc resources. He said that according to the Punjab stance, resources should be distributed on population basis because people pay taxes and these taxes should be spent on masses.