LAHORE - Opposition leader in National Assembly and PML-N central leader has hinted at mid term elections describing PPP-led governments one and half years performance as story of fiasco. Though PML-N does not want mid term elections but this issue hinges on the performance of government, Ch. Nisar said and feared that if the PPP fell short of meeting the benchmark of good governance, voices of mid-term elections from length and breadth of country would catch the intensity that would lead to the debacle of government indeed. He expressed these views on the subject regarding one and half years government performance, future of CoD, elimination of extremism, Balochistan unrest and PML-N reorganization at Hameed Nizami Hall here on Thursday. Ch. Nisar Ali Khan, who is also Chairman of Public Accounts Committee in National Assembly, said that PML-N wanted revision in the mode of governance to keep the democratic system strengthened. If status quo persists, instead of holding mid-term elections, could there be another democratic way to replace a failed democratic government with a new one? he questioned. He said that PML-N would ensure the sanctity of historical accord of Charter of Democracy believing that solution of all problems lies in CoD. Slamming PPP for deviating from CoD, he said PPP buried alive the CoD with the death of Benzair Bhutto. He held the view that it was a matter of great concern that Aiwan-e-Sadar was totally devoid of the political legacy of Benazir Bhutto. Adding to insult, PPP had been using CoD just for point scoring, he added. He regretted that those surrounding President Asif Ali Zardari had no sense of a political approach nor of the mindset nurtured by Benazir Bhutto. All of them are political opportunists and discoveries of Zardari, Ch. Nisar maintained. Dishing out criticism over Zardari, he said that masses struggled for democracy and got rid of a dictator but unfortunately, Zardari had been making the same mistakes and policies Musharraf committed in the past. He said that the office of President was non-political but Zardari transformed it into sub office of the PPP. He claimed that the day Zardari proved himself as President of Pakistan setting aside all political activities, he would silence his guns against him. He advised Zardari to emerge as real President shunning his political games, saying if Zardari played dirty he would get soiled. He said that Zardari as president lagged behind all his predecessors with regard to exploiting the office of President during the 60 years history of Pakistan. He was of the view that if Zardari had to do politics, he should have become Prime Minister. Coming hard on the performance of government, he said that present government did not have any performance to be analysed. Neither it has any principle nor any goal, he added. He cautioned that failure of PPP government would be considered as a failure of democratic system. And if it happened, masses could be contemptuous against democracy, he maintained. He said that PML-N had no lust of power, saying we had ample chance to trouble the government but avoided to do so as we believed in politics of issues. He suggested the workers to brace themselves for the reorganization of party, saying if they did so, power would be awarded to them. He condemned the statement of Zardari that international forces had a hand in the safe exit of Musharraf. He swore that PML-N was not involved in the sin. He said that PML-N sought inspiration from Makka and Madina instead of Washington. He underlined the need for revolutionary measures transform the country into a sovereign country. Regarding Balochistan issue, he said that solution to all injustices of Balochistan depended on filing of FIR against Musharraf for killing Bugti and Balach Murri. He said the spate of terrorism would die down the day the Americans leave the country.