The Cambridge University of UK, one of the most renowned institutions of the world, recently announced special scholarships for high school Pakistani students going for college studies in Cambridge. The announcement gave hope to many students and their parents whose children had achieved good grades in GCE O Level even if they could not afford quality education abroad with their limited resources. I am one of those parents whose son is in the prestigious Aitchison College Lahore. Till yesterday, we were full of hope but then without any prior announcement, the Principal Aitchison College simply declared to have 'selected' four students and he would not let anyone else even apply for the scholarship. It may be worth mentioning here that my son is a school Prefect and holds the title of 'The brain of Aitchison' which he received more than once. He has also received an award of appreciation from the Governor Punjab for a distinction at the O Level. Let me also tell you that around thirty other students also wanted to apply for the scholarship, all of them having excellent credentials. As a concerned parent, I would request the authorities to intervene. -A COCERNED PARENT, Lahore, September 17.