LAHORE - Progressive & Lahore Businessmen Front Alliance (PLBFA) is optimist that it would win the forthcoming elections of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry with a thumping majority.

PLBFA has vowed that, after coming into power in the LCCI, it will make the LCCI easily accessible for all irrespective of the business volume so as to ensure solution to issues being faced by the traders, businessmen and industrialists.

“We will be setting up special desks for every field such as customs, income tax, sales tax and other burning issues of the business community for collecting the feedback from chamber members and discussing it with quarters concerned to submit practicable solutions to these issues,” said PLBFA Chairman Chaudhry Muhammad Amjad and President Khalid Usman.

They were speaking at a dinner reception arranged by Muhammd Ejaz Tanveer, a candidate for the Associate class in the coming LCCI elections and Chief Executive Fair Market Corporation (FMP). Others spoke on this occasion included Raja Hassan Akhtar, Abdul Wadood Alvi and Ejaz Tanveer. The reception was arranged in honour of scattered voters to muster their votes for the PLBFA in LCCI elections 2015-16.

PLBFA Chairman Ch Muhammad Amjad and President Khalid Usman led the team of candidates for Corporate and Associate class of the Alliance to these voters saying they had formed this platform to raise voice against wrong doings of the present ruling parties and their policy to promote only near and dear ones.

“Three major opposition groups have formed PLBFA to put an end to politics of nepotism and favouritism,” said Ch. Amjad and Khalid Usman.

They said they have no personal gains in contesting the elections but to materialize their dream of restoring the dignity of the one of the most premier chamber of the country and its members.

They said candidates have been selected from all segments of the businesses and representation has been given to almost all the important markets. While more and more markets will be given representation in the standing committees to be formed after coming into power in the LCCI so as to have a consensus opinion on issues and wage a joint struggle for solution of the problems faced by business circles.