KARACHI -  Different parties on Sunday held protest demonstrations outside Karachi Press Club (KPC) against assassination of Tania Khaskheli, Jirga culture, honour killings in Sindh.

Sindhyani Tahreek, a ladies wing of Quomi Awami Tahreek held a protest demonstration in this regard.  Speaking on the occasion, Sindhyani Tahreek’s General Secretary, Mariyam Gopang said, “Several girls of Sindhi have been killed in pretext of honour, which is the failure of government while hundreds of Hindu girls were abducted and forced to convert religion.” Tania Khaskheli was a student and her father was supporting her to get education but a local landlord assassinated her with brutality, she said. She demanded arrest of the girl’s killer.

Anis Haroon, a social activist, said there were many cases of honor killings, forced conversion, abduction of girls in Sindh, but it seemed that the government had failed to reach out on these cases.

“Sindh CM Syed Murad Ali Shah needs to take serious action against these brutal cases, she said and added several Hindu girls had been abducted and converted to another religion for sake of marriage.”

The Karachi Thinkers Forum and the Aafia Movement also held demonstrations separately in which they demanded arrest of the killers of Tania and punishing the accused.

Addressing the participants of demo, Aafia Movement leader Dr Fowzia said it is sad that the criminal-minded people are now gunning down the daughters of poor people inside their homes. She demanded that the chief minister Sindh Syed Murad Shah should take a strong action in this case as the murdered girl was the resident of his constituency. She said the killer of Tania, Wadera Noohani should be arrested along with his accomplices and taken to the task.

Dr Fowzia said when such gory crimes are being committed in the constituency of the chief minister, himself, what would be the state of protection and safety for other people. She said Tania was the daughter of poor laborer so she was killed in broad daylight. She said there is no law for powerful and influential people and this double standard has played havoc with the nation and country. She said it is not easy for common man to get justice. She said the innocent daughter of the nation; Dr Aafia Siddiqui, is also a victim of this system that is based on double standards.

She thanked electronic, print and social media for highlighting the case of Tania Khaskheli. She said countless other girls and women have been suffering silently as their plights are hidden from the eye of media.