KASUR - Saplings planted on greenbelts along different city roads have started deteriorating due to lack of a water-sprinkling system.

According to official sources, the saplings were planted on greenbelts along city roads across the district at a cost of millions of rupees. The colourful saplings had not only enhanced beauty of the city but also brought a significant decrease in air pollution. But they have begun deteriorating which has not only threatened loss of funds spent on plantation but it is also increasing air pollution.

According to a survey, there has been no system for sprinkling water on these plants which has made them unable to resist the heat and air pollution. Moreover, there is also worst sanitary condition on greenbelts and people throw trash and other wastes freely. It has made the once beautiful greenbelts dirty and stinky sites.

The administration, as usual, is lethargic to do something practically for greenbelts' rehabilitation and has turned a blind eye to the situation.

Social, political and trade unions of the district demanded the government and administration to look into the matter and ensure an effective water-sprinkling system so that plantation could be saved from "death." They also demanded ban on throwing trash on greenbelts and punishment for violators.