Islamabad - Launching of the new cab hailing services by international companies in different cities of the country especially in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have significantly improved the lifestyles of the people as well as increased the employment opportunities for youngsters.

These cab services, although in developing stages, were also a sigh of relief for the working women traveling between Rawalpindi and Islamabad who enjoy comfortable rides and the decent traveling environment through paying fewer fares as compared to the ordinary cabs.

Fozia Iftikhar, a teacher at a local college said: “Going office in humid weather or rainy days was earlier a herculean task for me but now thanks to these cab services have made it easier for us to travel in any such situation.”

Talking to APP, she said, “We never thought of getting rid of rude behaviors and over-charging of the ordinary cab drivers but now this facility has reduced sufferings of many women like me.”

She added, although there are some flaws in the service providing mechanisms of these newly launched services however the facility and respect they are giving to the customers in fewer fares matters a lot.  Atif Malal, a young student, “I am a student of B.Com and bearing my study expenses through part-time driving with one of these cab-hailing service companies.”

“It is not less than any blessing for the students like me that we can share the burden of our parents by contributing something along with the study”, he said.

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Riasat Ali Khan, a driver, said: “earlier I was serving at some one’s house as a cook and earning Rs10,000 monthly which was insufficient to earn a respectable livelihood.”

Since serving as a driver in one of the cab-hailing company, my monthly earnings reached over Rs40,000 including bonuses and the car owner is also earning a handsome amount, he said.

Hanniya Usman, a medical student said, “I often travel from Bahria Enclave to Islamabad for attending my university’ classes through newly introduced cab service and my parents feel satisfied with this safest facility”.

“It is good that these companies maintain a record of the journeys and we can track the vehicle and get information about the driver through the company”, she said.

Noman Mirza, another captain of the service said, while driving the cab, the more effort and time we put into, the more we are rewarded and facilitated which is indeed a motivating factor.

He said, those who are investing in such sectors are playing a greater role in changing the lives of the citizens and must be encouraged at all levels.