Pakistan has strongly protested with Swiss government over ‘Free Balochistan’ being advertised in Switzerland.

In a letter to Swiss permanent representative in United Nation, Pakistan's permanent representative in UN has raised the issue and called it disrespectful and a direct attack on sovereignty of Pakistan.

Pakistan has serious apprehensions on these posters and it is rather surprising to be put up in neutral country like Switzerland and it is totally unexpected and unacceptable, Dr. Maleeha Lodhi wrote in the letter.

The Pakistani representative urged the Swiss government to take immediate action against it.

The posters are published by a Swiss advertising agency and being put up by an organization named Balochistan House which is linked with Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Lodhi mentioned.

BLA has been declared a terrorist organization by Pakistan hence Swiss government should take action against it immediately, she asserted.

The Pakistani representative further mentioned that Balochistan is biggest province of the country and integral part hence posters like these by terrorist organization are totally intolerable.