SIALKOT -  The government has decided to take legal action against the dealers involved in illegal sale and purchase of cars, motorcycles and immoveable property across Punjab.

According to government officials, a vigorous crackdown is expected by the E&T Department within next couple of days. The special recovery teams of the Excise and Taxation Department started special campaign for ensuring early recovery of the registration fees and taxes. The officials added that the provincial government will also bring such dealers under the tax net across Punjab for recovering the professional tax from them as well after ensuring their early registration under the supervision of the local District Excise and Taxation Officers across Punjab.

The E&T teams will collect Rs50,000 (refundable)as security tax from the owner of every showroom and Rs10,000 annual professional tax from the owners of every showroom of cars, motorcycles and property dealers (located in the urban areas) and Rs5000 annual professional tax from the owners of such showrooms located in the rural areas.

The senior E&T officials added that teams had started a survey of these showrooms in Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin, Hafizabad and Gujranwala districts, saying that stern legal action would be taken against violators.

COLLISION: The rail traffic remained suspended for about two hours on Sialkot-Sambrial-Wazirabad rail track after the collision between a rail engine and a car on a railway bridge over Upper Chenab Canal near Sambrial.

According to the local police, a train engine was going towards Sialkot from Sambrial, when a car suddenly appeared there through gateless railway crossing on the canal bridge and the collision took place. There were two persons in the car who received minor injuries and fled away from the scene after leaving the car on the spot. The railway officials from Sialkot and Sambrial reached the spot and removed the engine from the railway track. Engine driver Bashir told the police that the engine's breaks failed.



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