MULTAN : Over 13.39 million bales of cotton have reached ginneries across Pakistan by Apr 15, says a fortnightly report issued by the Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) here Friday. Seed cotton (Phutti) equivalent to 13,390,788 bales reached ginneries till April 15, and out of the stock, Phutti equivalent to 13,387,441 bales have undergone the ginning process. Arrivals in Punjab were recorded at 9.630 million or 9,630,656 bales and 3.76 million or 3,760,132 bales in Sindh. Exporters have bought 392,754 bales while textile mills purchased 12.4 million or 12,436,218 bales, thus the total sold cotton bales were calculated at 12.82 million or 12,829,972 bales, the report says.

Exactly 560,816 bales are still with the ginneries as unsold stock till Apr 15, 2014.