KARACHI - Terming the extra-judicial killings of party workers a violation of human rights, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has urged the rulers to take notice of the raids, illegal detentions and killings of MQM workers.

In a statement here Friday, Altaf condemned the extrajudicial killings of two workers, Qasim Ali Shah and Muhammad Ali Khan and said illegal detentions and murders of party activists were a cause of concern for people who believed in humanity.

Altaf said silence of the government and administration over raids, illegal detentions, brutal torture on detainees and their executions was intriguing.

“MQM workers and people are staging peaceful protests across Pakistan over the repression of the government and the administration. Allah punishes people who are involved in repression when their tyranny crosses all limits,” he said.

Altaf demanded that the rulers should take notice of all these illegal activities and prosecute the people responsible for the brutal acts.

He further expressed heartfelt condolence with the bereaved families, and directed the workers to remain calm and united.