PESHAWAR  - The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Friday unanimously approved three resolutions while one out of three call attention notices were referred to the standing committees concerned on Friday.

The first resolution was moved by PPP MPA Neghat Orakzi, demanding of the government to exempt the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa traders from tax net as their businesses have been suffered in the wake of growing incidents of terrorism and lawlessness in the province.

The second resolution was moved by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) MPA Orangzeb Nalotah, demanding of the government to hand over the power of Drug Regulatory Authority to province because the pharmaceutical companies are facing severe difficulties due its control with the federal government.

The third resolution was moved by JUI-F MPA Shah Hussain who was demanding to issue blue passports to MPAs, secretaries and above grade 20 officers. The House unanimously approved these resolutions, which were also singed by the members of ruling coalition.

Later three call attention notices were also referred to concern standing committees. The first call attention notice was moved by ANP MPA Syed Jafar Shah which stated that the provincial government has terminated dozen of employees from PARSA, excusing that these employees were appointed on political basis while the PTI government is now planning to replace these employees with their own blue eyed people.

Responding to this call attention notice, Advisor to Chief Minister Yaseen Khalil said that these employees were terminated upon the demand of the donor agency and it was demanding to downsize the organisation up to 50 per cent, however they only terminated 25 per cent employees of PARSA. On this MPA Jaffar shah said that he was not satisfied with the answer and referred the matter to concern standing committee.

The second call attention notice was moved by JUI-F MPA Mufti Janan in which he demanded of the government to take stern action against land mafia as this trend has gained movement in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Peshawar. Qaumi Watan Party MPA Sultan Mahmood also raised this issue and said that several graveyards have been occupied by the land mafia in his constituency but the concern administrator is not taking action.

Responding to this call attention notice, Minister for Local Government and Rural Development Inayatullah Khans said that opposition member must pen point those areas where land mafia is active and should not refer each matter to standing committee. 

The third call attention notice was moved by MPA Amina Sardar. She urged the government to start anti-encroachment drive in Galyat because in the upcoming summer season tourist will face problems. Inayatullah Khan while responding to question said that four meetings of the Board of authorities have been held in this connection under the chair of chief minister and decisions have been taken to facilitate tourists and avoid traffic jams in these tourist spots.