LAHORE  - Security forces have launched a massive search operation in the mineral-rich Balochistan province to flush out militants linked to Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), United Baloch Army (UBA), and Baloch Republican Army (BRA).

Sources in the interior ministry confirmed to The Nation on Friday that different law enforcement agencies are taking part in the search operations while the Frontier Corps is leading the manhunt in the restive province.

A senior official of the FC while talking to this reporter by phone on Friday also revealed that the operation had been launched on the weekend against the elements involved in killings of innocent citizens in train bomb blasts, destruction of national assets like gas pipelines and railway lines which is tantamount to weakening of state, public infrastructure, and coercing the national economy to fulfill foreign agenda.

The security forces are zeroing in on the Ferrari camps located in far-flung mountains, which have become safe heavens for these terrorists, sources said. Though the officials did not give the exact number of arrests owing to security reasons but they confirmed that many militants had to surrender to the security personnel during the operation. The local residents are also assisting the security forces in tracking down the foreign-sponsored militants, according to sources.

Sources in the FC said that sophisticated equipment and gadgets had been recovered from these areas including non-detectable satellite phones, solar panels, and state-of-the-art weapons.

“Their defences were well-planned and weapon system sited in a deliberate manner. There are clear proofs of foreign involvement in fomenting insurgency in the mineral-rich province,” they explained. No indigenous movement worth its name can afford to have such high-tech, high-end, and sophisticated gadgets, they added.

Sources revealed that the manhunt had been launched in the wake of bomb blast in Jaffar Express which resulted in the killings of several citizens who were travelling in the cheapest mode of conveyance.

The perpetrators were the Baloch sub nationalists (BSN) having lost sense of morality and human compassion. Foreign agencies can easily buy their loyalties as they sell themselves for petty gains and readily fulfill the objectives of foreign masters.

The armed BSN elements are defaming patriotic Balochis by committing heinous crimes. Honorable Baloch brethren should get united and put up a collective response to counter BSN elements to undermine their nefarious designs aimed at weakening the state of Pakistan and tarnishing its image recently.

“The law enforcement agencies are ready to sacrifice their lives to save their Balochi brethren from foreign sponsored and anti-state Baloch sub nationalists,” a top cop of the Balochistan police said and preferred his name not to be mentioned because he was not authorized to speak to the media on the security-related matters. “Now it is the duty of our Baloch brothers to identify anti-state elements sponsoring terrorism in Balochistan and get secluded from them. BSN elements are bringing bad name to noble people of Balochistan and therefore they must be condemned,” he added.

Unfortunately, there have been certain dissident elements, who not only oppose the idea of Two-Nation Theory – the ideological base for creation of Pakistan - but also leave no stone unturned in polluting the minds of innocent Baloch youths by distorting the history of Balochistan’s accession to Pakistan.

In reality, before the independence of Pakistan, the territories now consolidated into the province of Balochistan did not constitute a settled province. Apart from Quetta District that was administrated under civil law the rest of the territory was under Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR). Regretfully, the Baloch Sub Nationalists (BSN) frequently compels the local traders to observe complete shutter-down strike or face the consequences.

Their aim is to destabilize Pakistan by creating militancy and unrest in Balochistan. Some Baloch dissidents are still playing in the hands of foreign agencies to create unrest in the region.

Under present scenario, the search operations launched against the foreign-funded militants of BLA, BRA and UBA would not only increase sense of security among the local population but also help dismantle the militants’ network, according to a former police officer who served in the Balochistan province as IGP for a couple of years.