PESHAWAR - After denying extension in ceasefire, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Spokesman Shahidullah Shahid has said that Taliban may carry out attacks on government installations in defence but it will not attack public places.

“Certain elements can attack public places after the end of ceasefire by the TTP, but the militants group as per its policy will not attack public places,” Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Spokesman Shahidullah Shahid told a group of local journalists at an undisclosed location in tribal areas.

He said that the TTP may carry out fresh attacks on government installations as ceasefire with the government has ended. However, he made it clear that they could attack government places in defence. He said that Taliban’s doors were opened for dialogues if the government was serious to start talks the TTP. The TTP Spokesman Shahidullah rebuffed media reports about infighting within Taliban groups.

He said that it looked that government itself was confused in talks. “Around 200 TTP men have been arrested under the operation called ‘Root out’. And that is why the militants group did not announce extension in ceasefire,” he added.

Meanwhile, it has also been reported that a meeting between the government and the Taliban committees is going to take place today (Saturday) in Islamabad. The Taliban have ended ceasefire, a day before blaming the government for not showing seriousness about talks.


Member Taliban Negotiation Committee Prof. Mohammad Ibrahim Khan has said that the Taliban have showed concerns about killing, torturing and arresting of their men by the security forces. He urged the government to address the Taliban’s reservations. Talking to the media on Friday, he said that Taliban had showed their reservations over killing, torturing and arresting of their companions.

He said that they were trying to get extension in ceasefire from the TTP.  He said that there was a need to have an immediate meeting between the government and Taliban committees aimed to discuss various important matters. He was of the view that the TTP could agree for another truce if the government meet their demands. Besides, he said that Taliban have grievances regarding government’s failure to release their non-combatant prisoners. He hoped the matters would not get worse.