ISLAMABAD - The Turkish embassy in collaboration with a local hotel organised 'The Whirling Dervishes of Turkey,' an event which was attended by special guests including ambassadors, diplomats, the elite of the twin cities and media persons.

Turkish Ambassador Sadik Babur Girgin graciously welcomed the guests to the event. The audience experienced a mesmerising seven-century-old Sufi tradition associated with the dancing of whirling dervishes, who originated in the 13th century as followers of the poet and Muslim mystic, Rumi, says a press release issued here on Friday.

The event, co-sponsored by a telecom company, featured the revolving dance of the dervishes cloaked in long white robes, accompanied by spiritual Sufi music performed live on traditional instruments dating back to the times of Rumi.

This dance is a traditional form of Sufi worship, a continuous twirling with one hand pointed upward reaching for the divine and the other hand pointed towards the ground.

Attendees of the performance had the unique opportunity to witness this intensely spiritual and inspirational performance of the whirling dervishes without having to travel to Turkey.