Through the columns of your esteemed paper, I want to invite the attention of the district authorities to the problem of beggars in out town. Recently, the number of beggars in our area has increased to a large extend. They pursue us like a shadow, even hale and hearty people have taken to begging. Children are the most effected victims of this begging disease... perhaps they are made to beg by their guardians. The beggars gather at places frequently by the people. The bus stands, market places, post offices, railway stations and mosques seems to be their point of attraction because of which it is impossible to move about such places peacefully. The most irritating part is that if we gave a single beggar then we are surrounded by a annoying crew of them, creating a immense chaos in the surrounding. Some child-lifters, in the guise of beggars, are on the look out for abducting children. Two such cases had happen in our society as well, where fortunately the culprits were caught red handed. The female beggars enter in our homes quietly and if they are not noticed by the inmates, they run away with whatever they can have in their hands.

Its my request to the concerned care takers that please take a serious not on out complaint and provide us a solution as soon as possible.


Karachi, March 20.