If one was to ask the uninformed layman why the would PML-N protest outside the house of Jemima Khan, he would probably treat it as a rhetorical question. Even if we convinced him that there is a real reason this can happen, he would be hard pressed to come up with a half-decent one. After all, what possible connection do the two have? Khwaja Asif however is not any other uninformed layman. He and a gaggle of PML-N workers living in the UK crafted a reason where none existed, and staged a stuttering, feeble show of force outside Jemima Khan’s London residence, shouting “go Imran go”. Once the incredulity subsides, the thought process behind this move becomes clearer, and reveals an undignified and devious frame of mind – one that has been a prime feature in the ruling party’s response to the Panama leaks.

Courtesy a tweet by Khwaja Asif; the PML-N apparently protested the allegation that Imran khan supports Zac Goldsmith — Jemima’s brother and a Jew – who is running for the post of Mayor of London against Sadiq Khan – who is a Pakistani and a Muslim. Hence not only is Imran Khan a traitor, but he also takes Jewish money. Setting aside the shameful characterisation of a respected politician because he is Jew, the fact that Jemima Khan – whose only link to Imran Khan is being is ex-wife – was besieged in her house is even more condemnable. Khawaja Asif is the Pakistani Minister of Defence, yet he finds time to spread such conspiracies at the behest of his bosses?

This isn’t the only incident of PML-N employing ungraceful tactics, nor is it Khawaja Asif’s first time as the PML-N frontline berserker. The minister is known less for his acumen in managing defence and energy policy and more for his abrasive speaking style on the floor of the parliament. Whenever the party has been under pressure, Khawaja Asif has been unleashed on the opposition to put them under pressure.

Since the Panama leaks surfaced, the party has swung every ounce of dirt it can muster to distract the people. Rana Sanaullah accused Imran Khan of helping RAW and destabilising the country, Khawaja Asif called for the audit of Shaukat Khanum hospital and other members attacked Atizaz Ahsan’s wealth.

Where other world leaders mentioned in the Panama leaks have rushed to come clean, cooperated with the authorities fully, and proposed tax law reform, the PML-N and its cadres have picked a path of confrontation. The PML-N’s indecorous smear campaign against the people calling for accountability is an unfair way of defending itself. Offence may be considered the best defense but what the PML-N is doing is neither – it is attention diversion and reeks of desperation. People may have been on fence about the leaks but it increasingly seems like the PML-N has something to hide.