Almost a little more than a week earlier, Ray Tomlinson, who had developed email , died in the state of New York. Surprisingly, those who utilize his developed system of electronic communication system, and who have benefited and still benefit a lot from his services didn’t notice his death, and hence didn’t honor him. He left the world unnoticed, and unhonoured. How fastest, easiest, and most useful this electronic mailing system, email, is! I remember when I used to be a student of Intermediate in late 1970s, and when I used to send letters to a Peshawar-based English daily, ‘Khyber Mail’. I would write my letter, and then buy an envelope to mail it via s-mail (snail mail), as it is called these days, and formerly called postal mail or service. I had to wait for 7-10 days for my letters/write-ups to appear in the newspaper. Now, thanks to Ray Tomlinson, in just a few minutes a brief letter can be both written and emailed, and interestingly, and surprisingly, in most cases the letters/write-ups get published the following or the day after the following day.


Charsadda, March 15.