The Bajaur affectees residing in Jalozai camp of Nowshera have decided to delay return to their areas till Eid-ul-Fitar. A jirga of shura of Bajaur affectees, political and military officials held at Jalozai camp1 ended without conclusion. Sector commander Lieutenant Colonel Rashid presided the jirga. Political tehsildar Abdul Malik said the areas of Nawagai, Mamond and Khar have been cleared and asked the affectees to go back to their areas. On the other hand, shura had briefed the jirga about reservations of affectees and said peace has not been restored completely in theses areas. Thousands of affectees didnt get the cheques from Baitulmal despite card punch and previously announced Rs.25, 000 from ATM. They demanded president and prime minister to launch enquiry about discrepancies. No identification process carried out by NADRA. Therefore, affectees have decided to delay their return till the resolution of their problems, it added.