AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Dutch city of Rotterdam and its university have fired Swiss Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan as an adviser to the city over his involvement with groups that detractors say hurt his role as an expert on integration issues. Ramadan is a visiting professor of theology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands' 2nd-largest city. Ramadan was criticised after media reported last week he was hosting a weekly television show on broadcaster Press TV, which Rotterdam says is financed by the Iran government. "Although there is no doubt about the personal effort of Tariq Ramazan, both boards (of the city and the university) find this indirect relation with this repressive regime or even to be associated with it, not acceptable," the city of Rotterdam said in a statement, published on its website on Tuesday. "When I accepted the offer to host a television show about Islam and current life, I choose the path of critical debate," Ramazan said in an open letter which was published in the NRC Handelsblad. "I challenge my critics to study these programmes and to find the slightest support to the Iranian government," he added. Ramadan told Dutch radio he would go to court to fight Rotterdam's decision.