LAHORE - The functioning of Punjab Assemblys public accounts committee has come to a virtual halt owing to non-cooperative attitude of provincial secretaries who either dont attend meetings or come ill-prepared despite repeated warnings by its chairman, Abdul Qadir Gilani. The said body, which is supposed to serve as a check on financial irregularities of various provincial departments, could not take up any official business on the second consecutive day; this time, due to absence of secretary industries. A meeting of PAC-II was also held on Monday at Punjab Assembly to discuss audit paras of labour and transport departments, but it too ended without completing its agenda. The secretary labour had opted to stay out of that meeting, while the secretary transport was not well-briefed by his junior staff on the subject matter. Expressing his annoyance over indifference shown by bureaucracy about settlement of audit paras of different departments, Abdul Qadir Gilani adjourned the meeting, saying he would not initiate proceedings till secretaries ensure their presence in PAC meetings. On Monday, Abdul Qadir Gilani had reprimanded the officers for their casual attitude towards important assembly business, but it fell flat on their ears, as it was 'business as usual on the very next day. It is to be noted that PAC-II Chairman, Abdul Qadir Gilani wants empowerment of PAC through assembly legislation in order to end corruption from provincial departments. He is also in favour of suo moto powers for the said body to enhance its performance.