A day after Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh talked about the 'credible information about possible strikes by Pakistan-based groups, New Delhi said on Tuesday that it was not intended to 'impugn the actions of Government of Pakistan, reported Indian Express. What the Prime Minister has said is that some terror organisations appear to pose a threat to us. A very real and credible threat. He did not in any way impugn the actions of Government of Pakistan, Indian Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor said explaining Singhs remarks. Tharoor said We hope the Pakistan government will do everything on their part to prevent any fresh attack on India emerging from its soil. Asked if it was contrary to what was decided in Sharm-El Sheikh where the Prime Ministers of both India and Pakistan signed a joint statement, he said The Prime Minister at no point attacked the Government of Pakistan. He was not going back on the goodwill he had generated and his fundamental desire for peaceful relations with our neighbours. AFP adds: Indias defence minister said on Tuesday there were dozens of militant training camps active near Pakistans border with India that had not been dismantled by authorities there. As long as the terrorist camps are functioning in the border areas in Pakistan soil, certainly there is a threat to India, and it is a fact, AK Antony said in the southern state of Kerala, PTI news agency reported. On Monday, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said that militants in Pakistan were plotting new attacks on India and urged security forces to stay on high alert. Singh underlined that cross-border terrorism remained a most pervasive threat. In response, Pakistan assured India of its fullest cooperation in preventing fresh acts of terror and asked India to share specific information about threats.