NEW YORK - The Director of the Washington-based Khalistan Affairs Center, Amarjit Singh, has made a fervent call for unity against divisive forces at a Church service held in tribute to the Sikh community, which lost six of its members when a white supremacist opened fire in a Wisconsin Gurdwara nearly two weeks ago.

Other speakers at the the service, which included civil rights leader the Reverend Jesse Jackson, backed the call for unity while decrying guns and violence. The meeting was held in the city of Racine, Wisconsin. Amarjit Singh, who has been fighting for the inalienable rights of Sikhs for nearly two decades,  said Sikhs have been moving forward for centuries and will continue to do so. Sikhs have fought hatred and discrimination in India’s caste system, in armies that fought Nazi Germany and in American civil rights conflicts, Singh said.

 “Sikhism stood then,” he said, adding it will also stand now. “We hope that the racists, those divisive forces, those people who just care for their own race, their own system ... are defeated.” Jesse Jackson said, "Wipe out these guns before these guns wipe us out,” Jackson said as attendees repeated his words and added in their own “amens.”