LAHORE - Governor Ch Sarwar said on Sunday said that any misadventure by India against Pakistan will ‘prove destructive for it’.

“Pakistan’s political and military leadership is on the same page. Kashmir is still the jugular vein of Pakistan and no one can make it away from us,” he said in a meeting with a delegation led by Parliamentary Secretary for Health Doctor Nosheen Hamid at Governor House.

“Today, everyone including the Security Council is saying that Kashmir issue has to be solved according to UN resolutions.

“I believe that India has failed in all its plans and it has no option but to resolve Kashmir according to UN resolutions and 220 million Pakistanis are standing in support with Kashmiris and will not hold back from any sacrifice to liberate these Kashmiris.”, he said. 

The governor said the intensity of human rights violations in Kashmir was unprecedented in the whole world but unfortunately the advocate of Human rights including powerful countries and organizations were observing silence over it.  “They should take immediate notice of it and push India to stop Human Rights violations, atrocities on Kashmiris and to lift curfew”.

He said that the declaration of Kashmir issue as an international issue by Security Council had put Indian dreams into coffin. He said India was aware of enthusiasm of Kashmiris and that’s why it was so afraid of lifting curfew from Kashmir.

JI urges govt not to pin hopes on UN,US

Jamaat-i-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has advised government not to pin hopes on United Nations and US for the solution of Kashmir issue.

Addressing workers convention at Narowal on Sunday, he said the nation was looking towards the government that it would take bold and practical steps in support of the people of Kashmir in this testing moment.

Kashmiri masses, he said, would embrace martyrdom but would never accept the slavery of India. Their seven-decade struggle against Indian occupation, he added, was the proof of their determination and resolve.

Talking about Indian defence minister’s veiled threat about use of nuclear weapons, he said such kind of blusters could not intimidate millions of Pakistanis rather it showed New Delhi’s desperation. He said the government should stand firm and avoid showing any sign of weakness against Indian threats.

He reiterated his unconditional support to the government on Kashmir cause but at the same time demanded the rulers not to sit silent and give a road map to the nation on Kashmir.

Siraj said the people were not satisfied over one year’s performance of the government. Different surveys and media reports, he added, indicated that masses became desperate and hopeless even after one year of PTI’s rule over country.

He said over one million became jobless and thousands lost their homes in so-called anti-encroachment drives. Similarly, he added, prices of medicines, gas and petrol were not in access of common man. Dollar exchange rate and inflation went all times high and there was no check on corruption and nepotism, he said