Lahore     -     TEVTA  Chairman Ali Salman Siddique has underlined the need for establishing close linkage with the Industries to adapt the courses and TEVTA training programmes in accordance with their requirements so that it is able to churn out readily acceptable trained young men and women for the job market. He was speaking to the senior officers of the TEVTA after having taken over the charge of his office. He asked for initiating measures to adapt the training courses and modules in accordance with the need of times so as to modernize them as per requirement. Ali Salman also directed to mobilise the Placement Centers for ensuring placement of trainees in the job market and device a plan to make sure placements of maximum numbers of trained force produced by TEVTA institutions all over the province. Chairman TEVTA also stressed the need for adapting the course to international requirements and acceptability level by entering in agreements for grant of international accreditation by well reputed foreign institutions to select TEVTA institutes. Scope of this collaboration can be extended to other TEVTA institutes gradually under a phased programme, he said. Chairman TEVTA was briefed about the different sections of the organisation, their functions, scope and output by TEVTA Chief Operating Officer Akhtar Abbas Bharwana. The meeting was attended by heads of different sections and other senior officers.