ISLAMABAD (APP) Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) staged on Saturday a play 'Bandhan featuring the social issues related marriage and family concerns in the ongoing drama festival. Written by Z A Zulfi and directed by Tahir Siddiqui, the play was presented by Islamabad Art Production Islamabad. The story portrayed the concerns of parents and choices of their youngsters on marriages, which at times disturb the whole family. In a light comedy, the young generation was realised about the decisions of their parents regarding marriage. The ongoing drama festival is entertaining the fun lovers of twin cities with the plays that have some story and message combining strong expressions of acting with techniques of dialogue delivery and script writing, said Director General PNCA Tauqeer Nasir while talking to APP. Besides giving quality entertainment, the event will also promote healthy activities among the youngsters and revive the concept of theater in the twin cities, he said. He said, the quality and thoughtful theater plays an important role in highlighting and resolving the issues of the society through artistic expressions. Stage drama is a strong medium of education and occupies a unique place among performing arts with reflection and identification of social evils in an entertaining way, he said. In her message, Federal Minister for National Heritage and Integration, Samina Khalid Ghurki said the festival has gathered popular theater groups from across the country and provided them with a platform of national level to showcase their skills and ideas.