LAHORE - President, PPPs women wing and President Zardaris sister, Dr Faryal Talpur spent a busy day in City on Sunday, meeting party leaders, especially those who are annoyed with the party. She held consultative meetings at Governor House and also at the residences of local party leaders in an attempt to unite the party ahead of coming elections, which she believed might prove tough for PPP this time around. She asked members of partys Punjab Council and district presidents to start preparations for the upcoming elections. Faryal took them into confidence about the current political situation and also discussed partys organisational matters. She asked party men to hold corner meetings by activating party cadres. Faryal also asked them to hold functions and rallies in their respective districts in support of the party leadership to give a message of unity in the ranks and files of the PPP. The meeting also passed a resolution expressing confidence in the leadership of President Zardari and PM Gilani. Naheed, Safdar slam party leadership: PPP leader Naheed Khan Sunday said that PPP was not undergoing hard times at the moment, it were rather the people feeding on the party who were perturbed over the current situation. Addressing Foundation Day function she had organised at the residence of local party leader, Hurr Bokhari on Sunday, she said that party did not need Asif Ali Zardari if he failed to capture BBs killers. She said that if the party leadership did not mend its ways, people would send the PPP backing in the coming elections. She said she was much concerned about the manner in which party affairs were being handled. The PPP government, she added, had taken confrontation with almost all state institutions. Naheed lamented that the issue of Benazir Bhuttos murder had been made a laughing stock by the leadership. She predicted that PM Gilani would lose the security money in the next general elections if his government failed to apprehend BBs killers. Speaking on the occasion, Safdar Abbasi said that PPP government had broken its back bone by distancing itself from party workers. He alleged that President Zardari was more careful of his allies than party workers.