ISLAMABAD - CEO of Zong Fan Yunjun has termed the latest partnership between Zong and Manchester United 'a treat for over 10 million football fans in Pakistan. Recently Zong, an international mobile of China mobile, launched a MU co-branded SIM through which users will be able to access the exclusive mobile content of the club. According to Mr. Fan, by signing this deal, Zong has once again proved that it is a brand that truly reflects the interests and desires of its customers, says a press release. It said that this strategic partnership with one of the most prestigious football clubs of the world will strengthen the image of Zong as digital partner of Pakistani people. He added that the partnership between Zong and Manchester United can be seen as the coming together of 2 life forces. Zong and Manchester United, both are operating in a highly competitive environment. Both share many common traits such as teamwork, strategy-making, high energy and commitment to excellence. So one can imagine what their collaboration can bring to the mobile users in Pakistan. The youth of this country needs a constructive platform and a positive outlet to express itself. At the same time they want to connect with those whom they admire. Players of Manchester United have exceptional command on their game and that is the kind of benchmark we want to set for the youngsters of Pakistan. They must strive to be the best because they have got all the potential to do so. And the partnership between ZONG and Manchester United is also no less than an effort to achieve the top by implementing pioneering ideas. The deal was signed at Old Trafford on in October 2011 and the co-branded SIM was officially launched in an event in Lahore recently. ZONG has always utilized its digital assets to engage its subscribers in a unique way. Similarly this deal will also give the football fanatics in Pakistan a chance to see all the goals scored, as well as exclusive interviews, news and behind-the-scenes access bringing them closer to Old Trafford than ever before.