KARACHI - In the neighbourhood of Clifton, Submarine intersection has been showcasing a rare marvel - chandi ghar - for the past two weeks. Vehicles stop by and passengers stare in amazement at this splendid pre-fabricated structure glittering in bright sunlight. Its main entrance has two banners authored in Urdu and English languages. One of them reads donate your recyclable garbage for flood affectees. A prefabricated house is high in resistance and affordable as well. If every flood victim gets such chandi ghar, he/she will not have to leave his/her village, said Mohammad Hannan, spokesman of the Gul Bahao, a non-governmental organisation. Clifton is a home to well-off people, who threw waste of paper, plastic and metal worth millions of rupees everyday. If recyclable garbage from this area is donated, we will have sufficient money to build thousands of such chandi ghars for flood-hit people. It took our organisation 17 years efforts and cost of over Rs80million to invent chandi ghar, the spokesman said. It is quite handy in disaster management. Once it is in the market, new vistas will open up and its applications will be much more than its innovators ever dreamed of, added Hannan. Chandi ghar is truly a magnificent innovation. A gift from Karachi to the World is the title of an exhibition being held in January 2012. Many foreign diplomats will be invited to the event. The exhibition will also showcase waste blocks used for building pre-fabricated houses. These blocks can also be used for making beds, sofas, swimming pools, fishponds. The chandi ghar placed at Submarine Chowk has raised a good deal of interest in the people from all walks of life. More importantly, it has helped to raise the spirits of those who want to rise above uncertainty and come out of depression. Prof Masood Hameed inaugurates thematic calendar : Dow University of Health Sciences Vice Chancellor Dr Masood Hameed Khan inaugurated a thematic calendar 2012 entitled Baydaree Key Safeer at Arts Council of Pakistan recently published by PharmEvo Private Limited. The calendar contains profile and introduction of 12 such intellectuals of different courtiers without discrimination of colour, creed and caste who rendered their services to bring diluted nations out from the darkness with their broad vision, strategy and sacrifices. While addressing the ceremony, he said the calendar tries to rejuvenate the lives in their stories and bring a change in them. He said the addresses of personalities on the calendar express better endeavours in the society and a very good gift. Director Commercial, Pharmevo, Syed Jamshed Ahmed said PharmEvo proved itself in the field of pharmaceutical. He admired the idea of presenting profile of authentic personalities on the calendar. PharmEvo Head Haroon Qasim said, this years calendar attempts to re-tell their stories to inspire those who are hovering at the flash point of bringing change to the status quo. These 12 chosen gentlemen have lent credence to the theory that history is shaped by great men. These men have been attractive heroes for scores of generations whose steely determination and maverick approaches changed the course of the history and the imprints of their mighty strides will keep giving direction to the generations to come. Statuesque head turner, calendar 2012 (Baydaree kay safeer) provides a direct medium through which power of human character has been revealed. Perceptive readers will undoubtedly smile at the effort that invites them to take a closer look at how Mr. Jinnah never swerved from his resolve and how his tenacity made partition of sub-continent certain or how king Faisal provides stability to his kingdom.