OUR STAFF REPORTER HAFIZABAD - Encroachments and illegal parking lots are causing inconvenience and hardships to pedestrians and motorists in Hafizabad allegedly because of apathy of the TMA, traffic police and elected representatives. At the Fawara Chowk, Vanike Chowk and near Railway Gate in Hafizabad a huge rush of people can be witnessed throughout the day. Traffic cops have been deployed at the chowks but they only issue challans or allegedly mint money. During the past two months, two anti-encroachments campaigns launched by the TMA have been flopped. Local people are of the view that the administration should devise long-term plan to shift pushcart vendors and establish a few rickshaw stands to provide relief for the citizens. Unfortunately, there is no rickshaw parking lot, even then some influential persons agents extorting money in the name of parking fee from the drivers. Fawara Chowk, Alipur Chowk, Vanike Chowk and near the Railway Gate traffic mess is order of the day parked rickshaws. In the evening, the roads are blocked by the rickshaws in the presence of traffic policemen who normally turn a blind eye to traffic blockades. Similarly, shopkeepers have encroached areas in front of their shops in markets and bazaars in connivance with the Tehsil Municipal Administration staff and peoples representatives. SI INJURED: Sub-Inspector Liaquat of Pindi Bhattian police was shot at by his rival group in Mangat village here. An armed scuffle erupted between Shahbaz Group and the SI over old enmity. Resultantly. Liaqat sustained wounds and was moved to a hospital. WOMAN KILLED: The dead body of an unidentified woman was found the canal near Wachhoke village. The Police have sent the dead body to city morgue for post mortem.