ISLAMABAD - Sheikh Silsala-i-Naqshbandia Owasia, Amir Moulana Mohammad Akram Awan termed the distance from the teachings of Islam and Islamic ways of life the reason behind the problems facing the country and the nation. Addressing a function at the launching ceremony of his Urdu translation of the Holy Quran with nomenclature 'Ikramul Tarajam' here at Convention Centre on Sunday afternoon, Moulana Akram Awan termed Islam as panacea for all the problems confronting the Muslim Ummah and stressed the need of ordering the lives of common Muslims as per the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). He said that the driving force behind the translation of the Holy Quran in simple Urdu was to provide an opportunity to the Muslim community to easy and quick understanding of the Holy Quran, so that they could order their lives according to the canons of Islam. Moulana Akram Awan was of the view that if the people of Pakistan would focus on understanding the holy book of Allah, they would definitely succeed in their lives by following the dictates of Allah. Holding the submission of rulers before their foreign masters and the forces of evil, he said that all this was also due to the estrangement of people from the teachings of Holy Quran, and asked the people to order their lives as per the canons of Islam as it was the only way to success, both in this world and the world hereinafter. He said it was the duty of each and every Muslim to strive for ordering his life as per Islamic injunctions and if had failed to fulfil in this divine obligations, then their was clear message of Allah in the Holy Quran that you would be replaced with better people. Seeing the tension between the forces of evil and forces of Islam at its peak, Moulana Akram Awan said the final and decisive encounter between the two would be approaching fast, and was optimistic the forces of evil would be defeated.