OUR STAFF REPORTER SIALKOT - The Federal Investigation Agency has busted international well-organised fake visa issuers including a ringleader in Rangpura locality here. FIA Gujranwala Deputy Director Gul Sanobar Khan told newsmen that a special FIA team raided the residence of accused Behzad at Rangpura and arrested him, besides, recovering 1500 passports with fake visas of several countries including several European and Middle East countries, stamps, stickers, computers and photo state machines. He added that the FIA had registered a case (772/2011) under section 6 of the Passport Act 174 and 420, 468 and 471 PPC against the accused. Behzads brother Shehzad and three others managed to escape. Death sentence: The additional district and sessions court has awarded a death sentence to a man for killing his wife along with a fine of Rs200,000. Pasrur ADSJ Muhammad Tanveer Akbar awarded the death sentence Qadeer Ahmed for killing Sakeena Bibi over a domestic dispute at her parents home in Qila Kalarwala a year ago. E&T seals 300 properties: The Excise and Taxation Departments special squad has sealed 300 public properties including houses and shops in Sialkot district due to non-payment of taxes.E&T Officer Rana Intikhab said that the squad also impounded 212 vehicles in different police stations due to non-payment of tax. School runs sans electricity, furniture: A school which was established 70 years ago in Pathaanwali, Sialkot, is still running without drinking water, electricity and furniture. Since its establishment in 1941, seven decades has passed but the school is still waiting for electrification. School Headmaster Tahir Mehmood said that the government established as the two-classroom school several years ago, but it lacked furniture and electricity. About 100 students of Government Boys Primary School are forced to to get education while sitting on the ground. Social, political and religious circles have expressed grave concern and urged the Punjab chief minister to take serious notice of situation. Illiteracy termed mother of all problems: Education at this critical juncture has become more imperative not only for bringing radical changes in mindset but also overcoming the socio-economic problems. We have failed to identify our real enemies over the past 63 years and if impartially analyzed the whole situation we found illiteracy is our common foe resultantly the nation is suffering from socio-economic problems. Pages of human history stand testimony to lack of educational facilities, greed on part of parents, trend of cheap labour increased the lust for the benefit in traders and industrialists and all these combined together promoted child labour and this taking the shape of a vicious circles generated poverty as a result of this at present a large number children are forced for the child labour. Societies that paid full attention to childrens training and upbringing on appropriate setlines made much astounding progress that baffled other societies. The history of the world is full of examples of these great nations. These nations brightened their future and won distinctions in the glob and their names were written in bold letters. On the other hand those that neglected the children fell instead of rising and dwindled into nothingness. The optimistic role of developed societies reflects that education is a vital instrument for rising of nation as well as all round development of the country. Under the present scenario, education has become very important for bringing revolutionary changes in every sphere of life. Human history bears witness to the fact that it was lack of educational facilities, greed on part of the parents and trend of cheap labour, which increased the lust for benefit of the traders and industrialists and all these factors promoted the menace of child labour. Unlikely to Asian countries and this strength also includes those children who are forced to do bonded labour because their parents cannot pay their debts as well as who are victims of sexual exploitation. Now the situation has totally changed globally and nations are struggling for complete elimination domestic child labour and from industrial sector and trying protecting the childs rights under United Nations charter. In order to address the issues pertaining to all sort of child labour Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) is playing its dominating role with the help of Child and Social Development Organization (CSDO) an independent NGO. CSDO was the outcome of mutual understanding among key players of Atlanta Agreement SCCI, UNICEF and ILO. CSDO was established in July 2002 as an independent body to address the issues pertaining to child labour, corporate social responsibilities and social development in Sialkot.