ISLAMABAD After days of speculation regarding future political course of the country, the Supreme Court will resume hearing of the constitutional petitions regarding memogate scandal today (Monday). The clouds of uncertainty on the political horizons darkened further after President Asif Ali Zardari dashed to Dubai citing a medical emergency and the replies filed in the memo case by the government and the military authorities turned out to be irreconcilable, at least prima facie. Whereas the military quarters seemed to prefer a judicial probe of the affair, the government came out with challenging the very authority of the apex court to hear this case. A nine-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry will hear the petition regarding the alleged memo. The court would review application filed by Asma Jahangir, counsel for Husain Haqqani, against the objection raised by registrar office and matters related to challenging the maintainability of this case by federation. The decision is also expected on formation of a commission to probe the issue further in light of replies submitted by all parties. The analysts are of the opinion that it is at the discretion of bench to what direction it would take the hearing. There is also a probability of courts summoning of Mansoor Ejaz, the major figure in the scandal and the mastermind of the memo, for a personal appearance in the court. Some experts opined the court could dispose of the case after reviewing and hearing all matters. For proper court decorum and smooth functioning of the Supreme Court, security arrangements have been finalised in the premises of the court. Entries in the courtroom shall only be allowed to the litigant parties and their counsels whose cases are fixed before the court on the day, as subject to the availability of space in the courtroom, after checking/frisking and searching of bags/purses etc. Entry of irrelevant persons shall not be allowed, and no cell phone shall be allowed to be carried inside the courtroom. The Supreme Court officials have expressed hope that the parties concerned would cooperate with the security staff on duty in the court premises.