WASHINGTON (Online) - PML-Q Senator SM Zafar has said it was unprecedented in the history of the country that the military leadership had appeared in the Supreme Court and presented its stance in memogate case. He said this in an interview with US media. This all reflected the seriousness of the issue, he added. Army and ISI had given the reply through proper channel and by giving reply this way they had ensured the respect of Supreme Court orders, he said and added they had furnished the information as much as was in their knowledge and which was source of serious concern for them. To a question if the military stance on memogate scandal would create problems for President Asif Zardari and his government, he said legal complications were not clear so far. The situation would become clear when evidence would come and Supreme Court would try to go beyond. It would have to be seen if SC forms inquiry commission or otherwise to collect evidence. If SC constitutes commission then several questions will arise. The government had objections that SC had no jurisdiction to hear this case and all the applications should be dismissed, he maintained. This was also a legal and constitutional issue and possibility was there that SC would have to resolve this matter first. This was the viewpoint of military that presence of memo could not be denied and this was not only existing but it had travelled some distance as well, he remarked. On the other hand, the government was of the view that memogate issue had no importance and whosoever had written this memo was not credible. If this has to be decided by the government or SC that who wrote the memo was credible or not, he held. This is real matter which has to be decided, he maintained.