LAHORE APML founder and former President Pervez Musharraf while announcing his early comeback in January next year said that he will launch a campaign on his return with the help of the masses to counter threats facing the country. In his 32 minutes video address from London on Sunday, Musharraf focused on the issues of memogate scandal, Presidents illness, economy, destruction of profitable State organisations, terrorism and Mohmand incident. This was the first successful APML moot in Lahore as compared to the previous shows of the Musharraf loyalists in the stronghold of PML-N, as the APML leaders managed the participation of party activists from various districts of the province to make the show successful. On this occasion, some of the participants of Pakistan Defence Council moot who were passing by Nasir Bagh, the venue of APML public meeting raised anti-Musharraf slogans, however, no untoward incident took place. Addressing a sizeable gathering of his loyalists at Nasir Bagh, Musharraf taking up the issue of memogate scandal said that a letter was written to the US authorities maligning Pak Army and ISI, which was tantamount to treason against the State. He said that enemies of Pakistan knew that they could achieve the target of weakening Pakistan only through weakening the Army and ISI, adding, it was unfortunate that some Pakistanis were knowingly or unknowingly doing the 'dirty work of the foreign powers to damage the image of Army and ISI. Musharraf said that State institutions were in a state of constant confrontation, while the President was out of country under mysterious circumstances, as no Pakistani citizen knows whether the President was suffering from some physical, mental or political problem. He stated that Pakistan was passing through a permanent state of turmoil, however, the threats facing the country could be countered by selecting wise and credible leadership to take the country in the right direction. Musharraf said: 'It is the duty of the masses to select credible leadership and exercise their right of vote definitely and instead of sitting at their homes they should come out, organise themselves and rally behind the real and sincere leadership to pull the country out of the current crisis. Musharraf said that NATO attack at Mohmand Agency check post was a dangerous issue,however, the government as well as the people of Pakistan should not handle the issue emotionally rather logically. He said: 'Govt as well as the people of Pakistan should get the response from the NATO for martyring our 24 soldiers but they should not handle the issue emotionally. He said that ISI was fighting a war with the internal and external enemies of Pakistan and they were very good at confronting enemies of the State, adding, that that ISI professional standards, could be matched with American CIA, Israeli Mossad and Indian RAW, as the agency with meagre resources is countering its much bigger enemies. Talking about the profitable institutions of Pakistan, he said that Railways, PIA and Steel Mills were on the complete verge of destruction, while the remaining State organisations was also not in a good state. He said that the economy of the country was in complete shambles and factories and industries were being shut down due to energy crisis. Musharraf claimed that he would put the economy on the road to progress, lower the prices of daily use items and take up the issue of energy on emergency basis. He said that he would initiate dialogue with the extremist elements working inside the country. He while praising PTI chief, Imran Khan for declaring his assets announced that he would not only declare his assets but he would distribute some of his assets among the needy on his return to country. Prominent APML leaders including Fawad Chaudhary, Barrister Muhammad Saif, Maj Gen (Retd) Rashid Qureshi, Mian Zahid Sarfaraz and Ahmed Raza Kasuri were present on the occasion. It may be noted here that Musharraf announced in the mid of this year that he would return on March 23, 2012, however, following the advice of his loyalists keeping in view the fast changing political scenario he announced his early comeback in January.