We often hear of the resolutions of the three provincial assemblies against KBD but it is not known whether their objections are knowledge based. Do they understand the many complexities involved? It is clear that we are already water-stressed and are fast approaching the water-scarce level. What percentage of annual river flows need to be stored to increase the very low per capita per annum availability of water? The seasonal river flows need to be regulated to avoid alternating between floods and draughts to be able to provide uniform supplies over the whole year for agriculture, industry and community services. It is essential to transfer from the wet to the dry period, from the surplus Kharif period to the lean Rabi period. We should be aware of the dangers of not having an adequate reserve for any contingency, natural or man made, particularly in view of the Indian designs on our rivers. They must think of the 18 crore people and not of the few thousand who will be displaced or have their land submerged. Why have the assembly members in India not objected to their 4500 medium and large dam? ENGR KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, December 18.