LAHORE Religious forces in the country arranged huge public meetings in three big cities of the country on Sunday to make demands ranging form changes in PPP-led governments policies to its relinquishing the power altogether. The other targets of the rhetoric at display were US and its western allies as well as 'arch-rival India. The biggest show of the religious muscle was held at Minar-i-Pakistan in Lahore by Difa-e-Pakistan Conference, an alliance of various religious and nationalist organisations including Jamaat-ud-Dawa, which actually hosted the event. Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) held 'Jalsa Inqilab (public meeting for revolution) at Peshawar Ring Road, demanding the government announce a schedule for the upcoming general elections. Tahirul Qadri held his 'Public Awareness Rally at Liaquat Baagh in Rawalpindi, demanding setting up a national government. Stressing upon the rulers to come out of the so-called US war on terror, speakers at Difa-e-Pakistan Conference warned the government of a strong protest campaign if it dared revive Nato supply line against aspirations of the people and the national interests. They said that the nation was united and ready to give a befitting reply to any aggression from the US, Nato or India. They counselled the rulers to get all the airbases vacated from the US and withdraw the decision of giving MFN status to arch-rival India. They also vowed to resist the attempt of getting the resolution on the MFN status to India approved from the parliament, saying that the nation would avenge martyrdom of innocent Kashmiris and Dhaka fall instead of doing trade of onions and potatoes with the neighbouring country. The huge public meeting was attended by around a hundred thousand workers of component parties and people from different walks of life. Hundreds of activists could not enter the venue due to extraordinary rush. Hundreds of deaf and dumb people also participated in the conference. Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) Chairman and JUI-S chief Maulana Samiul Haq presided over the conference, organised to build consensus against Nato airstrike on Pakistani border posts, chalk out future line of action to press the rulers for taking strict stance against the US and to convert the present temporary break in Nato supply into a permanent dissociation from the war on terror. They also wanted to send a strong message to the US and its allies that people of Pakistan were prepared to face any aggression against the country. Jamaat-ud-Dawa, the host of the event, arranged camps in various areas to welcome the participants. Dawa workers were also in largest number at the meeting as compared to the other component parties. Highly charged participants gave a rousing welcome to Samiul Haq and Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed when they came to the podium. Maulana Amir Hamza read out the message of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan regarding support to Diafa-e-Pakistan movement. Addressing the participants, Maulana Samiul Haq announced that the DPC would hold similar conferences at Liaquat Bagh Rawalpindi on Jan 13, at Mizar-e-Quaid in Karachi on Jan 22 and then in other cities. He said that DPC was not pursuing any political agenda and its sole aim was to strengthen the defence of the country by rising above the political and personal motives. He said that all political and religious parties were invited to participate in the event but the supporters and allies of the US ignored the invitation. He said that it was high time that rulers give up becoming agents and spokesmen of the US and work for consolidating national security. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that Pakistan and Afghanistan were twins. He said the US wanted to target nuclear arsenal of Pakistan with the support of India and Israel. Referring to the Nato attack on Salalah border posts, he said the US was attacking Pakistan after facing defeat in Afghanistan. Referring to the issue of giving MFN status to India, he said that the attempt of getting it approved from the parliament would be resisted with full force. He assured Ali Geelani and Kashmiri leaders that the nation would fail the conspiracies of damaging Kashmir cause. Hamid Gul said that a US apology over martyrdom of soldiers was not enough and that US and other world powers should recognise Pakistan as a nuclear power and resolve Kashmir issue. He said that the nation has given a strong message to the US that it did not want war but was ready to face any aggression. All Parties Hurriat Conference leader Ghulam M Saffi said that Ali Geelani was fighting war of Pakistan and there was no option of surrender. He urged the rulers to take decisions in accordance with the public aspirations. Awami Muslim League Chairman Shaikh Rasheed said that the real threat was not from the US and India but from within the country. He said there was no electricity and gas and factories were closing due to energy crises. PMLZ chief Ijazul Haq said that the US wanted to divide army for her nefarious motives. JI Secretary General Liaqat Baloch said that the rulers would have to stop the US from interfering in Pakistans internal affairs and make Washington vacate all airbases. He paid tributes to nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and his colleagues for making the nuclear device. Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan chief Abual Khair Zubair, Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi, Abdul Rehman Makki, Nazim Jamiat Ahle Hadith Ibtesam Elahi Zaheer and others also addressed the meeting. Addressing a mammoth public meeting in Peshawar, Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) Ameer Syed Munawar Hasan demanded the government immediately announce a schedule for the upcoming general elections and constitute a board of medical experts to inform the masses regarding the exact health condition of President Asif Ali Zardari. PPP should not indulge in politics on this important issue and if the president is actually disable, it should tell the masses about it, he said. Munawar said that US is coveting to make India a mini super power and to curtail the role of China and Iran in this region, besides hatching conspiracies against the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan. He said that the presence of US and Nato in Afghanistan could not guarantee durable peace in this region. He said that most of the incidents of terrorism are occurring in reaction to the defective Afghan policy and in this regard the government should hold dialogue with those opposing its policy. Commenting on the Nato attack at Salalah checkpost, he said it was not the first incident but US and India earlier had launched joint attacks on General Headquarters and Mehran Base. He said that interest of US and Pakistan do not match as United States is bent upon empowering the enemy of Pakistan and forcing Pakistan to term India the Most Favourite Nation. Addressing on the occasion, former JI Ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad said that if the government restored Nato supply line, the JI activists would block the main GT Road. He said that instead of US, the government should ink defence treaties with Iran and China and improve relationship with India if it is willing to grant Kashmiris their right to freedom. JI Vice Ameer Sirajul Haq also criticised the government for their pro-US policies. He also said ANP did not fulfil the promises it had made at the time of elections. He said that US has imposed the 'third world war on this region in which thousands of innocent people have been killed. The gathering was also addressed by JI provincial Ameer Senator Professor Ibrahim and General Secretary Shabir Ahmad Khan. Dr Tahirul Qadri, in his video address to a public rally held at Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi, said that Pakistans current system needs 'political surgery and a national government was need of the hour. The Chairman of Minhajul Quran International and chief of his party Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) said that in order to pull the country from plethora of problems the formation of national government was a must. Qadri said that masses were suffering due to issues like corruption, price hike, etc. He said that time has come for change, adding that a national government having representations of all segment of society, including Army and Judiciary, could resolve the problems being faced by masses. He further said that the real change would neither come from the establishment nor from the current electoral system, rather peoples uprising against the oppressive system would be instrumental in changing the system. The rally was attended by hundreds of people, raising slogans in favour of Dr Tahir Qadri. Some of the participants also raised slogans in favour of Mumtaz Qadri.