KARACHI (APP) Three ships arrived at the Port on December 17. M.T Victoria Kosan at EVTL, M.T Chem Pegasus at LCT, M.T AL Salam-II at Fotco. Berth occupancy was maintained at 57 at the Port on Saturday where a total of eight ships namely M.V Afamia, M.V MSC Catania, M.T Chem Pegasus, M.T Bunga Kantan Tiga, M.T Kition, M.T Victori Kosan, M.T AL Salam-II, MV Paiute, are currently occupying berths to load/ offload rice, canola seeds, containers, palm oil, furnace oil, diesel oil, chemical was handled at Port last 24 hours. Cargo handling operations were carried out smoothly at the Port where a cargo volume 55754 tonnes comprising 45098 tonnes import 10656 tonnes exports 470 (TUES) was handled at the Port during the last 24 hours. M.V Bunga Kantan Tiga, M.T Kition, M.V MSC Catania sailed on Saturday evening according to Port sources. M.T Bow Jubail at EVTL, M.V Maersk Missouri at QICT, arrive on December 18.