LAHORE - The numerous speed-breakers, or speed humps constructed in violation of the City District Government bylaws in the City are causing problems for motorists and pedestrians alike. Speed-breakers which are constructed as traffic calming devices or modules and to minimise chances of road mishaps in accident-prone areas are adding to miseries of citizens. Motorists have protested several times over illegal construction of speed-breakers in the City, but their complaints failed to get attention of the authorities concerned, a survey conducted by The Nation on Sunday revealed. The public and social circles said that speed-breakers are giving rise to the number of accidents and fatalities. It may be mentioned that the CDG passed a resolution a couple of years back in this regard and a committee was also constituted to prepare recommendations in order to remove unlawfully erected speed breakers across the City. The committee recommended elimination of all such illegal speed breakers, which were constructed in violation of the CDG bylaws or neglected the design approved by the authorities. But the action on the said recommendations is still pending. The people termed the unlawful speed humps useless as well as dangerous. Talking to TheNation, a motorist Ghulam Mustafa said that everyone can make a speed breaker anywhere in Pakistan. There is no law to check this practice, he added. These humps are dangerous, as there is no traffic sign or a reflector to tell that there will be a speed breaker ahead, another motorist Jawad said. The citizens have demanded the CDG authorities to install reflectors on all speed bumps erected on all the arteries connecting important roads of the City in order to avoid road mishaps, which are growing day by day. They were of the view that the installation of reflectors instead of speed breakers will be a more viable solution. Even if accompanied by reflectors, drivers often fail to judge speed breakers and consequently they fail to control speed of their vehicles, they maintained. They said that the glow of reflectors diminishes with the passage of time and requires maintenance at regular times, something the CDG is not very particular to work on. They further complained that most of the speed bumps in the City have not been painted so far. Furthermore, these speed breakers do not follow any standard height and width as such the Lahorites have declared the installation of reflectors a more viable solution to warn the drivers of an upcoming intersection. Muhammad Khan, a resident of Shadbagh, said that the speed breakers, apart from being a nuisance for drivers, were also the cause of various accidents, as several vehicles swung out of control after hitting the speed breakers at high speeds. He also said that the citizens lodged complaints against illegal speed humps constructed in various residential localities time and again, but all in vain. He said he could hear cars hitting the speed breakers at high speeds from his bedroom many times. It is pertinent to mention here that defunct elected body of CDGL had passed unanimous resolutions time and again against such illegally constructed and dangerous speed-breakers in the house but unfortunately the authorities concerned of road department failed to implement such bill passed by the elected representatives so far.