QUETTA - The bodies of couple who were allegedly stoned to death in Loralai district of Balochistan were exhumed on Tuesday.

Later the doctors performed autopsy of both corpses to ascertain the reason of their death. The final report, however, will be disclosed after completion of medical report.

It has been learnt that woman's head was stoned while the man was hit with two bullets in his head.

It may be recalled here that over 35 km away from Loralai town near Karo Mountains in Kachi Alizai area, a man and a woman were allegedly stoned to death for having alleged illicit relations some three days back.

After disclosure of the incident through media, local administration apprehended some accused who confessed to killing the man and woman by stones. Upon this, a local magistrate had ordered exhuming their graves.

Following the orders of the court, Judicial Magistrate Asmatullah Yousufzai, Assistant Commissioner Miran Baloch, tehsildar Habib-ur-Rehman Loni and other concerned officials carried out exhumation of the corpses on Tuesday.

According to a lady doctor Sadiqa who conducted the autopsy of woman said the marks on woman’s head suggested she was hit with stones from front side and heavy iron rod from backside that crushed her head.

It may also be mentioned here that following the tragic incident the deceased woman was buried without shroud and funeral prayer. However, after exhumation of her grave she was later reburied with proper shroud after offering funeral prayers.

Later, the local authorities exhumed the corpse of man namely Daraz Khan in Kili Gabrag, some kilometers away from the grave of deceased woman.

Dr Kashif who performed postmortem of Daraz Khan though avoided to talk with media, however, some officials of local administration claimed that minor injuries of stone were visible on the body of Daraz Khan, however, he was hit with two bullets of pistol on his head.

Talking to media, Deputy Commissioner, Abdul Wahid Kakar said as the report would be completed it would be produced before the court, adding that so far seven accused had been arrested in this connection.

He said raids were being conducted to arrest a cleric who had issued Fatwa (decree) of stoning to death of the couple while one cleric was in the custody of local administration.

DC Loralai said that all resources were being utilised to arrest the real accused for bringing them to justice, adding that local administration had itself taken notice of the incident as no one from the families of both deceased got registered any report.