LAHORE (PR): International Republican Institute (IRI) and Forum of Federations (Forum) have organised a multi-party Media Messaging and Democratic Federal Governance Seminar for national and provincial parliamentarians in Islamabad recently.  The two-day seminar held at a hotel featured lectures, discussions and interactive sessions that examined media messaging tactics and enhanced standards for intergovernmental coordination.

The seminar administered by two Canadian experts, Stephen Leach and André Juneau shared their experiences and highlighted examples of best practices in media messaging and democratic federal governance from both their native Canada and work around the world.

Addressing the attendees, Stephen Leach elaborated that good media skills cannot simply be taught in the classroom. Like learning a sport or foreign language, you must learn the basic fundamentals of messaging strategy and then practice, practice, practice. He further stressed upon the fact that communications must be backed up with solid action and results in order to enhance credibility.