Whereas the District Police Officer claims that the police have purged the district of criminals, the facts are contrary. Over the past about four months writ of police in the district seems completely paralysed and criminals loot anyone on the roads, streets of villages, in houses and trade centre wherever the bandits want and it seems as if there is ‘Dakoo Raj’ in the area. The police have miserably failed to provide sense of security to the common man.

Of late, the dacoity, robbery, vehicle/bike snatching and cattle-lifting has become daily routine in the area. More than, fifty cases of dacoity, robbery, bike/car snatching were reported during the last month and in most cases police failed to arrest the culprits.

According to official statistics, the number of Proclaimed Offenders which were 1,958 in 2012 had risen to 2,170 in 2013. There were still 1025 notorious POs in the district till December 31, 2013.

Since the murder of Syed Arif Hussain Shah an honest and daring Inspector/SHO Pindi Bhattian and two Cops by the notorious desperado (Haji Sajjad alias Haji Samma with head money Rs5 million) in a shootout with the police in village Thatha Raika in November last year and who was given “safe passage” by the police officers on PO’s request and who had taken away a mediator and an Inspector police (Zafar Gondal) as “human shield” along with him in the presence of more than 500 policemen including officers, most of the cops s stationed in the district have been demoralised mainly due to the ill-planning and wrong policies of the higher officers in providing “safe passage” to the notorious criminal wanted in more than six dozen heinous crimes who not only single-handedly had “faced and fought” hundreds of cops and Elite Force but also escaped from his hideout safely in the presence of hundreds of cops who had actually besieged his hideout.

How can an outlaw escape in the presence of so many police personnel and why the police had not chased him, is any body’s guess!

When contacted, some experienced and efficient officers, with the condition of anonymity, said if “we cannot apprehend the murderers of their fellow cops, what kind of security could be expected by the common men from the police”.

It is admitted fact that crimes and criminals cannot be eliminated altogether but they can be minimised to great extent by preparing wise strategy by associating Lumberdars of villages, reviving of age-old ‘Thekri Pehra’ in general and intensifying night patrolling and strict supervision and monitoring by the efficient and committed officers.

Ch Muhammad Bakhush Tarar, a prominent PML-N Leader and Coordinator of Minister of State Saira Afzal Tarar has demanded making the Citizens Police Liaison Committees (CPLC) more functional and paying special attention to patrolling in every union council for preventing crimes.

Scores of local social, political and religious workers have opined complete shifting/overhaul of the police officers of the district for revival of sense of security among the public and to check crimes and criminals in the area and have called upon the Chief Minister of the Punjab and Inspector General of Police to do the needful to save the masses of the district from ‘Dakoo Raj’ prevailing in the area.