LOS ANGELES-Katherine Heigl really has fallen hard! The actress - who used to command around $15 million a film - has been asking fans to pay for her next film - and not having much luck, RadarOnline reports.

Producers for the movie Jenny’s Wedding, starring Heigl, set up an indiegogo.com webpage last week asking fans for contributions.

“We could really use your help!” Heigl says in a video on the page. ”… We really cannot do it without you.”

“The money we raise will allow us to elevate our post-production to the highest level,” the page claims. “We shot a beautiful movie. We’d like to keep post-production to that same standard.”

“Don’t fail us,” they beg, noting that editing, color correction, sound mixing, music, film festival expenses and more still need to be covered. In exchange, they’re offering up a substantial number of perks for donors, but most of them - especially those involving the former Greys Anatomy star – have as yet gone unclaimed.

The site has raised only $17,803 out of the $150,000 goal so far.

Back in September, it was claimed Heigl and her momage Nancy capsized her career with their outrageous demands and difficult behavior. Sources say Hollywood insiders are amused that the actress has come crawling back to TV after a short-lived movie career. “A lot of people who’ve worked with Katherine say this is karma,” a source said. “She and her mom treated everyone from producers and directors to script and wardrobe people badly on her way up. So they’re thrilled to see this happening to her now.”