Lahore - Cement exports to India through land route can be increased five times just within two years, if hassle-free transportation of goods through trucks and cargo trains across the borders is granted, as Indian Punjab alone has demand of over 2 million tons.

There is a huge desire on the part of business sectors to increase trade between India and Pakistan, but it is still a long way to go between the two countries to bring a actual improvement in business relations. Pakistan with huge raw material reserves and heavy manufacturing capacity, can easily increase its cement exports to the neighbouring country and initially Indian Punjab and Haryana can be the main states to focus.

Industry sources said that Pakistan cement is cheaper due to its competitiveness and proximity to the North Western Indian states such as Punjab, Haryana up to Delhi and from Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in North and Rajasthan in South. They said that the cement produced in Pakistan is also of high quality and its unmatched strength is also proven by tests of accredited labs, adding that the demand for cement in Indian Punjab alone is around two million tons and Pakistan can easily penetrate in this market. They said that improvement in infrastructure should be given top priority for speedy and impediment-free movement of goods. They said that scanners installed on the Indian sides at the border point of Attari need to be upgraded adding that cement shipments should also be given access to the nearby market of Amritsar.