KARACHI : Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has opened its doors to the talented youth of Pakistan through its One-Year Paid Internship Programme 2014.

According to the statement the programme enables fresh graduates to develop essential skill-set and experience required to compete in today’s fast-paced and challenging job market. “At PTCL, we believe in contributing towards the socio-economic progress of the country through various community development initiatives and we would continue exploring innovative ways like this to serve the society”, said Walid Irshaid, President & CEO PTCL.

“I am confident that such programmes should play an important role in capacity building and nourishment of country’s human capital and future leaders”, he further added.

Carrying this tradition of serving the society forward, the company decided to enter the realm of capacity building of the country’s youth in 2012, by offering One-year Paid Internships in various disciplines including engineering, finance, marketing, customer care, IT, HR etc.

“This programme is designed to develop and enhance the capacity of our youth and we plan to explore such innovative approaches which serve the community in future as well”, commented Syed Mazhar Hussain, Chief Human Resource Officer PTCL.

50 top performers of first batch were also offered an opportunity to work as full-time employees at PTCL, while 100 interns were hired by various organisations upon completion of the one year term. The rigorous and challenging programme also led to 283 more interns getting jobs during the continuity of the programme.