I would like to express my thoughts about the cricket match between Pakistan and India, in the World Cup 2015. I am sure that everyone will agree with me that our team broke our hearts. We had immense hope and expectations from the team and due to their poor performance, our nation has been disappointed. Sorry to say, but to me, the match was totally fixed. We did not lose the match, per-se, we rather lost our self respect in the cricket world and lost our war against India. I can’t believe that we lost.

It is time the Pakistani cricket team takes a stand and tells the world how strong they are as they have the strength and power right now. If they will not work hard, they will lose their place in the cricket world. I would like to know, were they forced to perform poorly, or they really so badly equipped to play? Pakistani team should make an effort to prove themselves in the upcoming matches.


Lahore, February 15.